Laura Hosek, MA, Resident Counselor

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My approach to therapy is collaborative and transparent. I use the skills and experiences I've gained to help clients achieve their own goals. Instead of curing mental health I believe in helping people understand and manage their issues in sustainable ways. Since I use a lot of metaphors in therapy, the one I use to illustrate and describe my therapeutic process is likening it to a home improvement. My job is to help clients explore and find the right tools for their unique improvements and provide guidance so clients have support while making lasting changes they want in their life. The toolbox can then be used outside of therapy.Many of my clients' goals involve managing anxiety, depression, identity development, and living authentically so that they can lead happier and healthier lives, whatever that may look like for them. I aim to support every client in building a solid foundation of self by setting boundaries, adequate self-care etc. which then helps them tackle other issues.