About Origins Counseling

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Our Origin Story

Origins Family Counseling was founded in 2014 by Kristina Graber and began serving the Greenfield community in 2016.  Kristina has been a resident of Greenfield since 1992 and felt a calling to serve her local community by providing compassionate care for those struggling with mental health, relationship and family concerns.  In 2022 we shortened our name to Origins Counseling to resolve confusion about the types of people we serve and the types of counseling we can provide. 

Our Founder's Vision for Origins is to ensure access to quality mental and relational healthcare for the communities we serve and for Origins to become a highly sought after practice for new, emerging, and seasoned therapists to work in a collaborative environment to sharpen their skills and become experts in their craft.

Our Mission

Origins is passionate about two things: providing excellent client care and developing excellent therapists.   This involves increasing access to compassionate and effective mental and relational health care for our community in a way that communicates dignity and respect for every individual we treat.  Our passion also involves providing a collaborative environment where therapists who have a desire to grow and increase their expertise in treating mental and relational health can hone their clinical skills and learn from one another.

The Origin of Our Name

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Origin means "the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived."  Origins Founder was trained in family systems theory.  One of the key principles behind systems theory is the idea of second order change,  which focuses not only on treating the symptom, but also also identifying the root of the problem and healing the root issue that is causing the symptom.  We believe this approach promotes lasting change over symptom management.