Avoiding Marriage Counseling May Be Costing You More Than You Think

[caption id="attachment_285" align="alignnone" width="1628"] Cost of Divorce[/caption] Think you can’t afford marriage counseling? Consider the costs of the alternative. A survey by Martindale-Nolo research found that the average cost for a divorce in the state of Indiana is $11,400, with the bulk of the cost going to attorneys’ fees (estimated $9,000). Their survey found that respondents paid anywhere from $3,500 up to $25,000 with higher fees being associated with more complicated issues such as children, alimony, property division, and level of contention. Divorce costs don’t stop either on the day that the divorce is finalized. A study by Utah State University revealed that due to splitting the household assets and maintaining two separate households after divorce, the average person would need a 30% raise to maintain the same lifestyle they enjoyed before the divorce. The study also showed that 20% of women, who typically end up as primary caregivers for the children and subsequently funding the larger portion of the financial burden associated with child rearing, end up falling into poverty post-divorce. Now consider the average cost of marriage counseling.  The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists indicates that the average number of sessions for marriage counseling is around twelve sessions.  The cost for a session varies anywhere from $75-$150 on average based on region and experience.  At the high end of that average, based on 12 sessions, the average cost for marriage counseling could be as high as $1,800 and typically somewhere around $1350 for 12 sessions (prices will vary depending on location).  In many cases, all or a portion of counseling costs may even be covered by health insurance, depending on personal impact to your mental health associated with the marital discord. In summary, marriage counseling will cost you, on average, $10,000 less than finalizing a divorce.  That doesn’t even begin to summarize the financial and emotional benefits of working out marital difficulties versus getting divorced and starting over. If you have been considering marriage counseling, don’t wait.  Call now to set up an appointment!